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Will of Edward Brock - of " Brock Hall"  - Prince George Co, Maryland. 1714

Maryland: In the name of God Amen:

I, Edward Brock of Prince George's County, planter being weak and
indisposed in body but of sound and perfect memory, praised be God,
therefore bearing in mind the frailty of life and the uncertainty of death,
do make, ordain and constitute this to be my last will and testament in
manner and form following, that is to say:

IMPRINMIS: I give and bequeath my body to the earth from whence it came to
be decently buried by my executor hereafter named, and as for such parcel
of worldly goods as it hath pleased God to bestow upon me, after my just
debts and funeral charges are paid and satisfied, my will and intent is to
dispose of the same in manner following:

ITEM: I give and bequeath to my grand daughter Mary Nicholls and to the
heirs of her body lawfully begotten, all that piece or parcel of land -
being part of Brock Hall which lies on the east side of a branch called
Collington in the county aforesaid.

ITEM: I give and bequeath to my grand son Matthew Mogbee (sic) and to the
heirs of his body forever one hundred acres of land - the other part of
Brock Hall aforesaid - lying on the west side of Collington the said
hundred acres to begin at the white oak and North West corner tree of Brock
Hall and to run thence until it intercepts the East North East line of
Brock Hall such a course as will contain the said quantity of land.

ITEM: I give and bequeath to my grand son Brock Mockbee and to his heirs
forever my plantation I now live on and all the land thereto adjoining
lying on the south side of the Back Branch and bounding eastward on the
land before bequeathed to his brother Matthew and further my will and
intent is that if my grand daughter Mary Nicholls should die without heirs
of her body aforesaid the land hereby to her devised shall go to her
brother Matthew and his heirs as aforesaid then the land hereby to him
devised shall, with what he may have inherited from his sister, to my said
grand son Brock and his heirs forever and if it shall please God that all
of my grand children above named shall depart this life without issue as
aforesaid then all the land herein before devised shall go and fall to my
grand children of my daughter Offutt or to such of them as shall be
surviving and their heirs forever to be divided equally between them.

ITEM: I give and bequeath to my grand sons, Edward, William, James and
Thomas Offutt and my daughter Mary his wife [sic] and to their heirs
together all my remaining part of my said tract called Brock Hall lying on
the north side of the Back Branch aforesaid to be equally divided among
them and in case of death of any one or more of the said sons of my
daughter Offutt, my will and intent is that the part or portion of land to
him or them hereby bequeathed shall go to my other grand son John Offutt
and his heirs forever and in case of his decease without heirs aforesaid to
be divided equally among his surviving brothers herein before named to them
and their heirs forever and further my will and meaning is that all my
grand sons aforesaid shall be capable to enter upon and hold the several
parcels and portions of land hereby the them bequeathed at the age of one
and twenty years and not before.

LASTLY: I do give my negroes, stock of cattle and hogs and all my personal
estate to be continued and kept upon the plantation for the carrying on and
improvement of the same - without waste of the land and timber under the
management of my executors hereafter named for the benefit and education of
my two grandsons Mathew and Brock Mockbee til they arrive at their several
ages of one and twenty years as aforesaid and then to be equally divided
between them.

I do appoint William Offutt my son-in-law to be my full and sole executor
of this my last will and testament to do and perform the same in manner and
form aforesaid and

I also appoint my loving friends Alexander Beall and John Gerard to be
overseers of this my will and to take care to see the same be truly
performed and also in case of decease of my executor before name before my
grandsons Mogbee (sic) arrive at their several ages of one and twenty years
as aforesaid to enter upon the lands and to take into their custody care
and management the negroes, stock of cattle, hogs, etc. before devised to
them and to manage the same as trustees for my said grand children last
named to the intent and uses aforesaid til they arrive at the several ages
as aforesaid.

I do hereby also revoke and annul all former and other wills heretofore by
me at any time made.  In witness whereof I have to this my last will and
testament set my hand and affixed my seal this five and (blot) day of March
in the tenth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady Queen Anne, anno

       Edward Brock {seal}

Signed, sealed, published and declared by the testator to be his last will
and testament.
Mareen Duvall, Senior
Ninian Beall
John Wall

Back of this will was endorsed
June the 19, 1714.  Then came Mareen Duvall and Ninian Beall and John Wall
being the within three witnesses to the will and did make oath before the
Holy Evangelists and Almighty God, that they were present at the time and
place and did see the within Edward Brock which is now deceased sign, seal
and acknowledge the within written to be his last will and testament and at
the same time he was in his perfect senses to the best of their knowledge.

Sworn before me Benjamin Berry. Dept Comisory? Prince George's County
Maryland:  These are to certify that whereas Mr. Edward Brock last of
Prince George's County deceased hath thought fit to nominate and appoint
William Offutt, executor of his last will and testament and the said
William Offutt for divers reasons do by these presents renounce and
relinquish and make void and null the said executorship and pray that the
same may be granted unto William Nicholls and his Wife being the next
kindred as witness my hand and seal this 19 day of June 1714.

William Offutt (seal)

Signed sealed in the presence of us

Joseph "X" Storry
Phill Gotting, Junior.

Commisy General - to the Honorable Wm. Bladen Esqr. George's (sic) County
before me Benj. Berry Dept. Comns. Pr. June the 19th 1714 the within